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    TeachHub(Open external link) is a portal to support students and teachers. The portal provides quick links to essential applications for remote learning, including:

    • iLearnNYC, the Summer School 2020 online learning platform 
    • Student report cards (available in the Student Documents icon)
    • Multiple educational applications
    • G Suite, Microsoft O365, and Zoom (using secure central accounts)
    • And more!

    To Sign In

    • Students must sign in with their DOE Student Accounts
    • Teachers must sign in with their DOE credentials
    • School-issued G suite accounts will not work, you must use the DOE log in.



  • Summer Rising Dates, Times and Hours of Operation

    Summer Rising is a collaboration between NYC DOE and DYCD to offer K-8 students' academic enhancement and enrichment activities in-person in DOE schools this summer. 
    Hours of operation for: 
    • Elementary students, 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday 7/6 to 8/20; 
    • Middle school students, 7/6 to 8/12; Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm.
  • school starts, Monday September 13, 2021

  • Sofia & Isabelle (Inside Broadway)

  • Postcards

  • Chromebook on sale

  • child’s login for the DOE


    Hello Students and families, 

    We hope that you are well and are staying safe. We want to inform you of some important upcoming changes regarding your child’s login for the DOE.

    We want to lower the number of usernames, passwords, and sign in for each student’s countless accounts within our school. As a result, our school will no longer use our ( accounts. In September,  We will now be using accounts for all students while teachers/staff will use their accounts. Don’t worry, EVERYTHING that is in each school account will be moved to the new account. With this account (, students can access everything they may need for their entire journey in the NYCDOE including Zoom, Microsoft and Google Tools, report cards and more. There are many more reasons for this change and we will be able to explain in more detail if you have any questions.

    What should students do now?

  • Acer Chromebook $129

    Acer Chromebook $129




  • Check out our 2021 Virtual Yearbook!

  • We made it!

    Dear Families,
    We made it!
    Despite a pandemic that turned our lives upside down, we are at the finish line of this school year. I want to take
    this moment to honor and celebrate all that our families and students have accomplished during
    this difficult year and a half. We are ending this school year strong because of you. Because you and your
    children made education a priority.
    There is a quote from my favorite author, Maya Angelou, which speaks to the strength and resilience of the
    human spirit. In an essay in her 2009 book Letter to My Daughter, Angelou wrote: “You may not control all the
    events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”
    This sentiment, of rising in the face of adversity, describes our amazing students and families, who persisted
    despite untold challenges. Together, you:
     Adapted to learning from home, and in some cases returning to buildings after months away. 
     Stayed focused on schoolwork. 
     Learned a new way of connecting with family members and friends.
     Made the most of every single day, whether studying remotely or coming to school with masks on. 
    You also raised your voices when you saw terrible acts of violence towards your neighbors and made it clear
    that you would not tolerate anti-Black violence, anti-Semitism, anti-Asian violence, Islamophobia, xenophobia,
    homophobia, or any acts of bias or discrimination that cause harm every day. You have stood in solidarity with
    your communities—because that’s what New Yorkers do.
    In that same spirit of solidarity, I want to call your attention to an important date, June 19,
    which commemorates Juneteenth and the end of slavery in the United States. As an educator, I believe that it’s
    critical to teach our students about the ongoing legacy of slavery in both the context of Black history and
    American history at large. And now Juneteenth will enter the history books for another reason: this week,
    President Biden signed legislation making June 19 a federal holiday. This year, Juneteenth occurs as we
    continue to reckon with systemic racism, and the harm and hurt it causes our neighbors, fellow New Yorkers,
    and fellow Americans. I think about the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on
    people of color. I think about our nation’s first true reckoning with the Tulsa Massacre, 100 years later. And I
    think about all the work we must do to create equity in all our schools.
    If you want to learn more about Juneteenth and its significance to New Yorkers and Black Americans,
    please visit to watch our video and find resources for learning and thinking about
    this important day.
    As your Chancellor, it’s my job to ensure that our one million students learn to think critically and have the
    skills to succeed in a world we adults cannot even imagine. Honestly, I am awed by you. You and
    your children taught us so much this year—from how to use your voice to create change to how to stay strong
    when times get tough. How to adapt to the things we cannot control, and how to follow Maya Angelou’s lead
    and not be reduced by them. 
    Although I have been in this role for less than four months, I am certain of one thing: Together, there is nothing
    we cannot achieve. If we made it through the last year and a half, we will be ready to rock in September.
    In advance of in-person learning for all students this fall, I encourage everyone ages 12 and older to get
    vaccinated for COVID-19! It’s the best way to keep our communities and city safe. You can make an
    appointment for yourself and your child by visiting
    Being an educator for more than 20 years, I also cannot help but close with an assignment (don’t worry, there
    won’t be a test). I want you and your children to celebrate all that you have achieved this year. I hope you
    spend a lot of time together, hug often, have new experiences, find reasons to laugh. And recharge your
    We made it this far together, and I cannot wait to see what we do this fall.
    In partnership,
    Meisha Porter
    New York City Schools Chancellor
    P.S. A quick reminder that all students in grades K–12 are eligible to participate in Summer Rising, our free,
    fun summer academic and enrichment program. To learn more and to sign up, please

  • CFA Presents: P-EBT Information Webinar

    Please see the update below regarding P-EBT for this school year (September 2020 to June 2021). 

    Also, check out the attached flyers. You can register for the following P-EBT information workshops:
    1. There will be an information webinar in English on Wednesday, June 16th from 4:30PM-6:00PM
        1. Register here:
    1. And there will be another information webinar in Spanish on Thursday, June 17th from 4:30PM-6:00PM
        1. Register here:




    Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT)
    Information Webinar
    June 16th 4:30PM-6:00PM
    Join Community Food Advocates and Kate MacKenzie, Director, Mayor’s
    Office of Food Policy to learn about Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) in NYC for the
    2020-2021 school year. We will provide an overview of this new wave of PEBT and answer frequently asked questions.
    For June 16th, English language P-EBT Info Session:

  • District Leadership Meeting

    District 20
    District Leadership Meeting
    Date: Friday June 18, 2021
    Time: 10:00 AM
    Microsoft Team: District 20 DLT
     Review of DLT May 21, 2021 Minutes
     Developing the Draft 2021-2022 Draft District
    Comprehensive Education Plan (DCEP), the District Parent
    and Family Engagement Policy and 100.11 Plan
     Chancellor’s Regulations A-655 Requirements for District
    Leadership Teams
     Superintendent Report
     HS Superintendent Report
     Other Reports

    Link to the remote meeting:
    Call in only: 1-347-966-4114 Conference ID: 185 880 996#



    DRAFT COPY ‐ District 20 DLT Meeting Minutes‐ Remote
    May 21, 2021 @ 10:00 AM
    Attendees: David Pretto (District 20 Superintendent), Dianne Gounardes (D20 CSA), Katrina Brave
    (Director of State and Federal Program Implementation – BK South), Ellen Driesen (D20 – UFT), Melanie
    Katz (Principal FDR HS), Lana Litvin (AP – New Utrecht HS), Mark Moses (Family Leadership Coordinator ‐
    HS Superintendent Prayor’s office, Vince Danjou (D20 Director of Food Services), Ender Gozler (D20
    Asst. Director Supply Chain Management), Beatrice DeSapio (MS UFT ‐ retired), Stephen Stowe (D20 CEC
    President), Janine Faustner (D20 Presidents’ Council President), Simone Stolzberg (CEC member),
    Christian Mabry (FACE Liasion), Paullette Ha‐Healy (Title 1 DPAC Chair), Natalia Mondesir (CEC 20
    Administrative Assistant), Tamara Stern (PTA President 20K259), Alice Licato (CEC Member), Ana Marie
    Aguilar (PS 503 PTA President), William Chin (District 20 Family Leadership Coordinator – DLT
    Minutes of the April 16, 2021 were updated and approved.
    Katrina Brave (Director of State and Federal Program Implementation – BK South)
    Planning for 2021‐2022 DCEP begins with assessing overall effectiveness of 2020‐2021 plan looking at
    annual goal, action plan, year’s accomplishments to identify district priorities ‐ sustain, modify or
    remove goals for2021‐2022 plan. No new state data is available this year. Local data would be used to
    define what works well and what needs to be improved. ES/MS and HS Suggested Appropriate Measures
    was presented with samples of Required Area of Concentration, Annual SMART Goals and Progress
    Monitoring Measures provided.
    David Pretto (District 20 Superintendent)
    iReady district wide pilot training for building administrators and teachers has happened. 23 schools
    were using iReady and has been administrating the assessments. 17 new iReady assessing schools will
    administered during the week of 5/24 ELA the week of 6/1 Math and the week of 6/7 the makeup.
    Results may be available for the next DLT for DCEP goals.
    Partnering with Office of School Design to develop a mini‐charrette (structured small group conversation
    on area of focus – school reopening in fall) with at least one student and one parent from all District 20
    schools. Dates are 6/8 with students and 6/10 with parents. This will continue over the course of the
    school year to gather information for the goals, action plan and progress monitoring of the DCEP. HS
    was not included this round since it not under my jurisdiction. Pre‐K is included. Will reach out to HS
    Supt Prayor to discuss how this could be used in a parallel way.
    Melanie Katz (Principal of FDR HS):
    Family are nervous about the students coming back in September.
    For Asian/American and Pacific Islanders month, a large celebration is planned this Thursday in the
    school yard with activities provide.
    Worked with Health and Hospital and Mayor’s office to get a Pop‐Up COVID vaccine site set up at the
    Brooklyn Islamic Center located at 20th Ave and 64th St. on May 27 through May 30.
    AP Chinese and Spanish exams are given today in the school building.
    In person graduation will be at the Amphitheatre in Coney Island.
    Svetlana Litvin (AP – New Utrecht HS)
    Anti‐Asian violence seminar was held this Monday.with panel of teachers/parents/students.
    AP language exams today. Planning for in person Regents exam.
    Surveying students on what’s been working in the Spring for Summer Rising and what to include in the
    Fall. Looking at data to support struggling students with programs offering, NX grades.
    New Utrecht will be having an in person graduation.
    Mark Moses (Supt. Prayor ‐ Family Leadership Coordinator):
    Still a lot of uncertainty in September. Summer Rising will help.
    Support NX grades and pathway for passing grade. PA/PTA and SLT election support to get a running
    start in September.
    My Brothers’ Keeper (MBK) celebration June 4. District 20 is supporting the Juneteenth celebration (D20
    has a half hour segment).
    Ellen Driesen (UFT D20 Chapter Chair)
    COVID medical accommodation is not expected to continue for the coming school year. Asked our
    politician for monies to fund emotional support PD. UFT/DOE is having PD on Professional Development
    day on June 3 (formally Brooklyn Day). UFT is providing guidance support for 1 hour for MS and HS
    students at no charge. Asking more monies for teacher centers for all schools.
    Dianne Gounardes (District 20 CSA rep)
    CSA is looking at the reopening in September. Waiting for reopening plans from the Mayor so planning
    could be done. Waiting for clarity for Summer Rising program for hiring of AP’s.
    Stephan Stowe (District 20 CEC President):
    Two resolutions were passed by the CEC at the last meeting for information for Summer Rising and
    reopening in September.
    CEC parent survey questions were finalized. The questions did not duplicate the DOE survey questions.
    This survey will be translated into the 5 most spoken non‐ English language in the district. Distribution
    will be done by the parent coordinator of the schools. The license is active till next April so the next CEC
    could still use it.
    Janine Faustner (District 20 Presidents’ Council President)
    The next Presidents’ Council meeting is 6/11/21. Presidents’ Council is provided assistant to PTA’s on
    their elections.
    Paullette Ha‐Healy (District 20 Title 1 DPAC Chairperson)
    The next District 20 Parent Advisory Council meeting (DPAC) will be this Thursday. There will have a
    presentation by the New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) about services they provide for
    Schools could hold their Title 1 elections now, they do not have to wait till September.
    Vince Danjou (District 20 Director of food Services)
    They are in the process of staffing for Summer Rising sites. It’s hard since the number of students is
    Next District 20 DLT meeting is scheduled for Friday 5/21/2021.

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